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Model 375: it is a steam boiler for domestic use with a manual water filling and with the capacity of 1 liters.

Aisi 304 stainless steel boiler, element thermic guard, double switch of impulse for boiler element and iron element, iron with cork covered handle; the lightness and the compactness are the distinctive which, with an extreme simplicity in the work make the boiler an ideal unit which all families cannot miss.

Model 376: it is a boiler with the same distinctive than the Model 375but with the capacity of 2 liters and controlling pressure gauge.


All Stirovap generators mentioned are individually tested before selling



Volumetry Capacity

Water Capacity
Boiler Heating
Iron Heating
230 V 1,70 Lt. 1,00 Lt. 1.000 W 800 W 7,30 Kg 330 x 250 x 210(h) mm
230 V 2,00 Lt. 1,30 Lt. 1.000 W 800 W 8,00 Kg 330 x 260 x 245(h) mm