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it is a steam boiler for family use with manual water filling with capacity of 1 liter with the following technical data:

• boiler in die-cast aluminium rust-resisting

• special cast armored heater directly on the button of the boiler without being in direct touch with water

• shell in sheet steel not subject to the rust

• safety valve cap 5bar set

• separate ignition of boiler and steam iron with the possibility of use of iron when dry too

• professional steam iron

• nonstick die-cast plate

• non-conduction

• non-skid cork handle

• temperature of plate regulated by means of thermostat

• micro-switch button for control of steam outlet handy placed

• quick ironing as, at the same time, it is possible to damp and dry as steam outlet holes are places on the tip of the plate

• possibility of ironing upright the handling articles too.

All Stirovap generators mentioned are individually tested before selling



Boiler Capacity

Boiler Heater
Iron Heater
Big Vapor
220 - 230V 50/60 hz 1,0 Lt. 1,2 kW 0,85 kW