MODEL 370 - 371 download brochure


Model 370: it's a semi-professional steam boiler with a manual water filling with capacity of 2 Liters, it is rugged and solid, ideal unit for small workrooms, shops and boutiques.

Aisi 304 stainless steel boiler, system fuse, element thermic guard, light of the minimum water level and pressure gauge are some qualities which give this boiler safety and reliability.

Model 371: it is a boiler with the same distinctive than Model 370 but with a capacity of 3 liters and with the possibility to regulate fluxof steam density and with a practical knob placed on the valve.


On request, all boilers of the serie 370 are provided with moving support as well as form

All Stirovap generators mentioned are individually tested before selling



Volumetry Capacity

Water Capacity
Boiler Heating
Iron Heating
230 2,0 Lt. 1,3 Lt. 1.000 W 800 W 8,80 Kg 340 x 245 x 230(h) mm
230 3,0 Lt. 2,3 Lt. 1.300 W 800 W 11,00 Kg 350 x 245 x 245(h) mm