MODEL T-3000  


Model T-3000: Air operated trousers topper, for central steam and compressed air supplies.

Standard Features
• Side waistband stretching device;
• Height adjustable legs stretching carriage and legs clamps made of stainless steel;
• Built-in three phases fan;
• Air heating device;
• Electronic card for the setting of a total of nine ironing' cycles;
• Working cycle controls: steaming time, steam/air time, drying time;
• Three pressure regulators (for the legs clamps, for the waistband stretcher and for the legs stretching carriage);
• Switch for excluding the legs stretching carriage;
• Manual size indicator;
• Mechanical air blowing regulator;

Accessories: - Built-in more powerful three phases fan (1,5 HP); - Electronic garment-counter; - Steam trap;

All Stirovap generators mentioned are individually tested before selling

Technical Specifications
230 / 400V. /3/50 Hz
Steam inlet 3/8"
Air inlet 1/4"
Return outlet 3/8"
Steam working pressure 5 bar
Air working pressure 5 bar
Steam consumption 15÷20 Kg./h
Air consumption 40 Nl./min.
Fan motor 1HP
Encumbrance 1.115 x 630 x 1.950 mm.
Net weight 140 Kg
Gross weight (crate) 200 Kg
Overall dimensions 1.000 x 650 x 2.020 mm.