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Model Majestic A/V: Ideal unit for the finishing of coats, jackets, ladies' dresses etc. The working cycle is completely
automatic and the steaming and drying duration is adjustable by three timers. The shoulder width and the bag are adjustable. The support of the bag (frame) with its controls is rotating at 360° and it is available in three different sizes: Standard, Maxi (for particularly long clothes) or Mini (for children's clothes). The form finisher "Majestic" is available in the following versions:

• Majestic/A: complete with built-in steam boiler, with automatic water feeding and automatic pressure control.

• Majestic/V: without steam boiler, to be connected to a central steam supply.

Accessories: - Steamspottinggun - Steamtrap(onlyfor Majestic/V).

All Stirovap generators mentioned are individually tested before selling

Technical Specifications
Voltage 230/400V./3/50 Hz
Steam working pressure 4,5 bar
Boiler heater 9,3÷10,5÷12Kw
Pump motor 0,8 HP
Fan motor 1,0 HP
Steam inlet --
Condense outlet --
Steam working pressure --
Steam consumption --
Encumbrance 360x610x1.780 mm.
Overall dimensions 1.410x680x1.970 mm.
Net weight 129 Kg.
Gross weight (crate) 194 Kg.
Gross weight (box) 244 Kg.
Technical Specifications
Voltage 230/400V./3/50 Hz
Steam working pressure --
Boiler heater --
Pump motor --
Fan motor --
Steam inlet 3/8"
Condense outlet 3/8"
Steam working pressure 3÷6bar
Steam consumption 10 ÷ 15 Kg./h
Encumbrance 1.200x580x1.620 mm.
Overall dimensions 1.270x680x1.810 mm.
Net weight 84 Kg.
Gross weight (crate) 144 Kg.
Gross weight (box) 194 Kg.